About Industry Nine

Industry Nine is a small company where three dozen people make everything you see. We are a diverse group with diverse job descriptions. We all wear many different hats here. Marketing, anodizing, hub assembly and wheel truing might all be in one day’s work – and usually is.

A passion for bikes is the one thing we all carry in our job description, and always will. We hope you will see the passion and craft evident in every wheel we make. These wheels are lovingly handmade, by all of us. Enjoy!

What separates Industry Nine wheels from the competition?
First and foremost our wheels are 100% made in our Asheville, NC facility. We outsource rims and bearings…that’s it. Design, manufacturing, quality control, sales, assembly, truing and tensioning are all done in house where we can keep close tabs on tolerances and quality. In a time where the bike industry is constantly moving production overseas to increase margins, we firmly believe in keeping our production in house. On the performance end of the spectrum we feel our wheels excel in three key areas:

While our one piece 7075-T6 spokes have similar tensile strength as 14g stainless spokes, they weigh about the same as a triple butted spoke. The aluminum construction offers significantly improved lateral stiffness over any butted spoke. Also by eliminating the nipple we reduce rotational mass at the rim. Who else offers an off the shelf 1400gm disc wheelset with strength and lateral stiffness that rivals or exceeds any XC race wheel?

Precision Integration
Our spoke design allows us to eliminate the J-bend and the spoke/nipple interface. Instead our spokes thread directly into the hub shell with a larger diameter thread than the main spoke body, eliminating weakness at the thread. This allowed us to increase the surface contact area by more than 200% over a standard 14g spoke and nipple combination. We also applied this same theory to our one-piece axle assemblies, less interfaces means more durable parts. Another notable feature concerning precision is our engagement mechanisms. Our patent pending mechanism offers a 3-degree engagement, far less drag than the competition and the ability to withstand over 700 ft lbs of torque! If you need a drive mechanism for your new Formula One car, look us up!

These wheels were born and raised in the temperate rain forest conditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Needless to say, we tried a lot of different bearings to find something to hold up to our wet conditions finally deciding on ABEC 5 grade Japanese bearings due to their superior seals and durability. It would be shameful to suspend such high-end components on anything else.

Aesthetics & Customization
A primary focal point of our wheels is the striking aesthetics. We set out to manufacture the most well thought out and functional wheels on the market. With that goal attained we worked tirelessly to achieve their aesthetic beauty. From the edgy design of the hubshell to the custom color options to the limitless rim choices we ensure that your wheels will look as good as they perform. In house manufacturing allows us to make spoke lengths to fit any rim. It may take a little longer to get but you can ride the rim you trust. We also are able to do custom color hub and spoke combinations, alternating colors, etc.



Shipping & Mailing Address:
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