Expanding the fleet of our BigRig fat bike wheel range, Industry Nine is eager to roll out the BigRig 760. Utilizing the Torch fat bike hub and spoke chassis system, the BigRig760 employs the Hed Cycling BAD alloy rim to create a lightweight, agile and value-packed fat bike wheelset.

The heart of the BigRig 760 is the Torch fat bike system chassis. Made in Asheville with full color customization available, the 32 hole hub and spoke chassis is the foundation of all our fat bike system wheelsets. Adaptable to every current axle and drive train option on the market Torch fat bike hubs are remarkably easy to maintain, configure, and boast our legendary three degree freehub engagement. Plus, the lubricants used in the bearings and freehub drive mechanism are rated to well below freezing, so weather will never park the BigRig 760. Whether riding a 170mm or 190mm-based frame, Industry Nine has the rider covered with two rear hub options for perfect fit. Joining the rim to the hub are 32 straight-pull, direct-thread aluminum spokes. Industry Nine integrates spoke and nipple to produce spokes that are simultaneously stout and gram-cheating. Torch hub and spoke chassis systems emphasize strength to weight and striking aesthetics; creating the ideal platform for the Hed BAD rim. 

Tubeless-ready, feathery weight and optimized width for moving across the snow or trail as fast as possible - Hed BAD checks the boxes. Using an innovative single wall construction optimized for tubeless operation, the rim is most at home on snow, sand or mellow single track. Since the rim inner width measures at 76.0mm, any fat bike tire will be right at home. Complete wheelset weights are as low as 2150 grams - over a pound lighter than competing alloy fat bike wheelsets!


Industry Nine BigRig 760 Wheelset

 2150 grams, depending on specification

Rims - Hed Big Deal Aluminum, 80mm OW, 76mm IW, 640g

Front Hub Endcap Options - 135QR, 10x135 rear-offset, 15x135, 15x142, 15x150

170mm Rear Hub Endcap Options - 170QR, 10x170, 12x177

190mm Rear Hub Endcap Options - 190QR, 12x190, 12x197

Driver: Shimano HG 8-11 spd*  or XD1 - 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism.*Not compatible with 11spd Road Cassettes

3.8" - 4.2" Recommended Tire Width 

 Hub and Spoke Color Options: Black, Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Green and Lime 


Front axles options: 9x135 QR, 10x135 QR (Rear offset disc spacing), 15x135, 15x142, and 15x150

Rear axles options: 170mm rear axle options: 170mm QR and 12x177mm

​                                190mm rear axle options: 190mm QR and 12x197mm

Custom Colors* - Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Lime and Turquoise See what we have to say about anodization   

Custom Lacing options* - Mix and match spoke colors for a true custom look

XD1 Driver body for SRAM XX1 type cassette.

Hybrid Ceramic bearings*

*Upcharges apply*


$1495.00 Base Price

Stock configurations- Black hubs, Black spokes

+$50 Level 1 Custom  - Any non-stock combination of Red, Black or Silver - includes custom lacing (red, silver, or black spokes) if requested

+$160 Level 2 Custom - 1 custom color Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime and Green (Can be mixed with any combo of red, silver, or black, and includes custom lacing if requested)

+$265 Level 3 Custom - 2 or more custom colors Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime and Green - any combination + includes custom lacing 

+$205 for Ceramic Bearings