Featuring the latest Reynolds Aero series rims with DET™ technology, these are the fastest wheels Industry Nine has ever offered.  The Reynolds Aero series rims feature the latest in wide-rim technology with a brake track width of 26mm and a maximum width of 27mm.

Unlike competing rims the Reynolds Aero rims utilize a sharp trailing edge that maintains air attachment better in crosswinds. This results in a faster wheel, which is also much easier to handle in windy conditions.  We mate this to our exceptional torch series road hubs, which feature an aerodynamic profile and a 20H Front/24H 2:1 rear lacing pattern. This yields an excellent stiffness/weight ratio and balanced rear spoke tensions for lateral stiffness and long term durability.  Top it off with our Torch 11 road freehub with its exceptional 6 degree engagement, and you have the ultimate Aero wheelsets.  At only 1540 grams they offer a huge aero advantage in  triathalons, road racing events, or your local fast group ride, but won't weigh you down if there are some hills along the way.  

New for the Torch series wheels is our 24 hole 2/1 lacing pattern found on all of our rear road wheels. This lacing pattern reduces wheel weight and promotes even spoke tensions, while maintaining excellent durability. Rear wheels feature 16 spokes on the rear drive side flange, paired with 8 opposing spokes. Due to the rear wheel dish caused by the cassette on the rear wheel, this orientation evens out spoke tension. It also reduces peak stress loads on the spokes and rim, as well as the fatigue cycle incurred in a traditional 24 spoke wheel - allowing a lower spoke count and lighter weight, without the durability issues and increased rim weights commonly associated with low spoke count wheels. 

Torch series wheels also feature an updated the freehub and drive ring assembly.  Our road wheels use the same drivering and pawls as the new Torch Moutain hubs, rated to withstand 700 ft/lbs of torque!  However, we reduced the pawl count to 3 instead of 6, for lower drag and weight, while still achieving and industry leading (for road hubs) 6 degree engagement.  Relocated bearings, and a new freehub seal reduce freehub drag while coasting.  

As a final measure, Torch hubs now feature custom Teflon contact seals for the endcaps, which we manufacture in house. They  fully seal the hubs from mud and water - tight enough for a muddy CX season, but smooth enough for drag-free road miles.

Carbon road wheels feature a 3 year warranty on hubs, spokes, and assembly, and a two year warranty on the rims - rims must be used with Reynolds Cyro-Blue brake pads to maintain the rim warranty.


Rims – 27mm outer/16.5mm inner width

Wheelset: 1540 grams*

Front Wheel: 685 grams*

Rear Wheel: 855 grams*

Front Hub:  95 grams - 2 bearings with Teflon seals. 20-hole. Radial lacing. 

Rear Hub: 230 grams - 4 bearings with external Teflon seals and silicone freehub seal. 24-hole. 4 cross drive side lacing, Radial lacing on Non-Drive side

Driver: Shimano/Sram & Campy. 11-speed compatible - Torch 60point, 6 degree engagement, 3 pawl mechanism

Spokes - Sapim C-Xray

250lb/113kg suggested rider weight limit

Skewers not included 


Standard Hub Colors - Red, Silver, or Black

Standard Spoke Colors- Black or Silver

Standard Rim Colors - Carbon (black)

Custom Hub Colors* - Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime and Green


$2950.00 Base Price

Stock configurations- Black, Red, or Silver hubs with Black or Silver spokes. 

+$125 for 1 custom color- Turquoise, Blue, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Lime and Green

+$205 for Ceramic Bearings