Torch Support

Industry Nine products are designed to keep you in the saddle and out of the service queue. Regular service and maintenance is simple and can be performed with basic tools readily available to the home or shop mechanic - no proprietary tools are required. To properly service your Industry Nine Torch series hubs, please follow the reference guides and videos here.

Torch Service Video

Loud and proud? Or stealthy quiet? With either Dumonde Tech freehub oil (louder) or Dumonde Tech Pro-X freehub grease (quieter), you are able to tune in your hub! Check out the comparison between Hydra and Torch as well as oil vs grease here!

Hydra vs Torch Sound Comparison

Factory Service

Industry Nine offers factory service on all of our products here at HQ in Asheville, NC. Contact us to set up a RMA # and discuss how we can get you back out there riding!


System Wheel Rebuild $75*
Classic J Bend Wheel Rebuild $85*
Front Hub Service $20*
Rear Hub Service $40*
Basic Wheel True $30*
Rim Replacements Price varies depending on model

*Rates are subject to change by our service team

All product must arrive clean and without rotors, cassettes, and tires. Extra charges will apply for tire mounting or extra parts assembly. Industry Nine is not responsible for extra parts sent with wheels and hubs.

Torch Series Service Guide

Torch Micro Spline Service Guide

Campagnolo Ekar Compatibility Guide

Torch Series Exploded Views

Torch Mountain Flange Dimensions

Torch Road Spoke Dimensions

Evolution Guides